Uncle Goose Classic ABC Blocks with C…

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Claire I love the old-fashioned look of these and that they are super light-weight. I have been amazed at all the different things my 3 year-old has done with them, from building towers and rocket ships, to spelling her name and sorting animals. A wonderful toy!

Lee We have had these blocks for over a year & they have stood up to toddler play. The blocks have beveled edges. Fun to play with and easy to stack. The blocks have ever changing uses--lining up, stacking, word spelling, animal names, buildings & more!

Rebecca I love this blocks from my sons -- they have rounded edges so they aren't supper sharp, are a great size, even for small babies, and are virtually indestructible. I love the animal pictures on the sides -- great for learning animal names!


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Uncle Goose Classic ABC Blocks with C…

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