Smarty Kids: A-Z Flash Cards by Kids…

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AMD23 I bought this for my daughter two months ago when she was 10 months old. She LOVED them, and still does. She can sit on the floor flipping through the cards for 10 minutes pointing and laughing. The only problem is, after 2 months of careful use (she's a gentle baby who doesn't break or damage her toys), the holes on 5 of the cards have already worn out and the cards no longer stay on the plastic ring. I'm pretty disappointed that the cards didn't hold up better, and my daughter seems to be also whenever one of the broken cards doesn't stay on the ring. For the price, I wish they would have lasted in good shape for longer. All that said, the pictures are really cute and colorful, and she still loves looking at them!

tbcrvt I was disappointed by these. They are not durable at all. My daughter has already ripped six of the cards off of the ring, and she's pretty good with her toys. I think there are probably better products out there.


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Smarty Kids: A-Z Flash Cards by Kids…

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