Learning Resources Rainbow Sorting Cr…

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Brody's Mom These Rainbow Sorting Crayons have opened up a whole new world for us. We first saw them at the Speech Therapist's office. My son is now 21-months-old and can sort his colors, say his colors and knows what each piece is in each crayon. He can tell you the animal sounds, make the plane fly, smell the flowers, put the glasses on, and many other things. My son has texture issues and this has been a great tool for him to hold big and small things, to sort things out and with his speech (issues with this as well). We love them! It's the first toy my son asks for each and every day. It hasn't gotten old yet and we've had it for over a month.

Spec Needs Mom Got these to help my developmentally delayed 3 year old daughter learn to sort, learn more names of objects, & improve speech with conversing about items inside each. Great variety of items in each color. Very well made items--not just flimsy plastic items, but rather most of them firm rubber that have substantial weight to them! Happy about that. Container lids are a little tricky to get on to stay on and "crayons" are LARGE...like the old canisters of crystal light used to be. Approx 10 in tall and 2.5-3in wide! Impressed! "Crayons" are CARDBOARD tubes with a bottom. You COULD make this yourself VERY CHEAPLY if you needed to save money---that is the only reason I shaved off a star rating. most people cannot afford that high price. i almost did not pay it myself. Not cheaper anywhere else though. i find often that the TRULY educational or "special needs" items are automatically just HIGHER in price...which is kind of wrong if you ask me. Oh well. Good quality and BIG. I kept the box too so that they store so easy---like a giant crayon box with a hinged cardboard lid.


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Learning Resources Rainbow Sorting Cr…

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